BlueOcean Trading was established in 1993 with a mission of providing the best service possible with competitive pricing to small Caribbean communities. We realized that larger companies were interested in developing their products in these markets where there is limited access and smaller populations. Markets that without the know how is very difficult to succesfully establish a business relationship. Furthermore, the majority of these companies had made an in house attempt to enter these markets previously. Attempts, that at the beginning resulted in high sales, but were then faced with logistic problems such as collections and more importantly delivery of the merchandise.

Our company, Blue Ocean Trading, represents several companies that have been faced with the challenge of entering these markets, but have realized that on their own it is more costly and time consuming. Our operation specializes in just that. Taking away the burden of working these smaller markets from larger companies and delivering sales and product exposure in return. Through out the years we have established a solid business relationship with these islands. We have identified reliable and serious businesses in these areas which are in need of quality products. These businesses are the ones that purchase on a weekly basis from us. They know how we work and what it is required of them in order to continue a business relationship.

Our operation is simple. We do not require a warehouse since we don not carry inventory at hand. Everything that we order from our suppliers has been previously sold to one of our customers. We do not rely on the different companies making deliveries to the different vessels, consolidators, etc. We have our own vehicles and staff. We pick the merchandise at our suppliers warehouse, consolidate all the cargo from different suppliers and deliver everything in pallets to our customers. Each pallet is sealed and properly labeled with the name of our customer and the final destination. This minimizes errors and maximizes productivity. In the majority of the cases, we are able to fulfill the orders within 48 hours.

Our customers are visited and called periodically in order to prepare orders and make collections (30 days from the date on the invoice). Time, service and accuracy are the most important factors in our company operation. We work with highly irregular factors, such as vessels working without a real schedule, consolidators which give a higher priority to cargo from islands, etc.

Due to challenges imposed by this type of business, we have to take control of those aspects that are to our reach. This explains why, with very few exceptions, we handle all deliveries, manage the receivables and invoice directly.

Every aspect of the business is directly supervised by both owners. Mr. Javier Bravo (former Export Manager for Empresas la Famosa - 1991) oversees all sales and traffic areas and all customer service and accounting areas by Mrs. Frances Ríos. This allows us to provide a high quality service, with quality products at a very competitive price.


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