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Blue Ocean Trading Co. Inc.

About Us

About Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean Trading Co. Inc. was established in 1993 with the mission of providing a wide variety of products, coupled with the best service possible and competitive pricing to Caribbean communities, establishing ourselves as a “one-stop shopping source. With over 29 years of experience, our Company possesses the proper know-how, knowledge, and logistics experience to fulfill the demands in these markets.

Our Company represents several National and local corporations that wish to have their products known in the Caribbean market. We provide the logistic resources and business relationships needed to successfully work these markets while delivering sales and product exposure for our suppliers. We have identified many reliable and serious businesses on the islands that are in need of quality products. Our work ethic, service, and quality of products have, over the years, cemented successful business relationships that have lasted through more than one generation.

Our operation is simple. We warehouse many of our National Brands and work directly, hand in hand, with local manufacturing companies. We do not rely on third parties to make deliveries. We have our own vehicles and staff. This allows us to pick up goods at our suppliers’ warehouses consolidate and palletize the merchandise for our customers. Each pallet is sealed and properly labeled with the customer’s name and final destination. It is then delivered to our customer’s shipping preference (consolidator or vessel). This helps to minimize errors and maximize productivity. Typically, we can fulfill orders within 48 hours. In some instances, we load full containers at our facilities.

We maintain regular contact with our customers in order to prepare orders and make collections. Time, accuracy, and service are the most critical factors for our Company, and we strive to consistently meet the needs of our clients.

However, our operations can often be hectic with highly irregular factors, such as vessels operating on varying schedules and weather constraints. Due to these challenges, we strive to take control of all aspects that are within our reach. This is why we handle all deliveries, manage receivables, and invoice directly. To learn more about Blue Ocean and our operations, reach out to our office.

Direct Management

Every aspect of our business is directly supervised by both of our owners. Mr. Javier Bravo oversees all traffic and sales, while Mrs. Frances Rios oversees customer service and accounting. This allows us to guarantee a high quality of service while providing top-tier products at competitive prices.